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Commission invoice

06 Oct, 2018

Agents are required to use reasonable effort to submit an invoice within at least 45 days of the course start date of the current semester. Invoices will be processed within 30 days from the date when a correct invoice is received by TAFE Queensland. 

To ensure your commission claims are processed in a timely manner, your invoice must: 

(i) be in Australian dollars; 

(ii) include your agency’s bank details; 

(iii) include your agency’s ABN (if relevant); 

(iv) be a valid “Tax Invoice” as determined by Australia GST law, if registered for Australian GST; 

(v) be presented on your agency’s letterhead, containing current address, telephone, or fax, and email details; 

(vi) include the date of the invoice and a reference number; 

(vii) include only the Agent Fee payable for the relevant Study Period; 

(viii) include the details of each student recruited for which an Agent Fee is payable (up to a maximum of 10 students per invoice), including: 

a) the student’s family name and given names; 

b) the student’s date of birth; 

c) the student’s identification number (including the Unique Student Identifier number); 

d) Course of study and duration; 

e) commencement date of the student’s Course; 

f) the full-time course fee; and 

g) the calculation of Agent Fee, with any applicable GST; and

(ix) include any other information required by TAFE Queensland and notified to the Agent from time to time. 


  • Commission can only be claimed for semester fees paid in full by the student for the current semester the student is in. 
  • TAFE Queensland is not required to pay any invoice which has not been submitted within 90 days of the student’s Study Period. 
  • We also strongly advise that you set up an Australian bank account so that there are no delays in receiving your payment.
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