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How to Pay

How to Pay

Before your Letter of Offer expires, you should:

  • pay the tuition fees as stated in your Letter of Offer
  • pay for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as stated in your Offer, or arrange your own OSHC for the duration of your visa.

Paying your student fees internationally doesn't have to be difficult. We've partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to give you a simple, efficient way to pay.

Our preferred payment method is telegraphic transfer or credit card using Western Union Global Pay for Students.

With the Western Union Global Pay for Students platform your can complete your payment in your own currency using a cost effective telegraphic transfer, hassle -free and without processing fees or delays.

Steps to make a payment

  1. Go to the Western Union Global Pay website.
  2. Enter your student information.
  3. Enter Australian dollar amount as listed on your Letter of Offer.
  4. Select your preferred payment method - telegraphic transfer or credit card (Western Union accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards).
  5. Western Union Business Solutions will transfer your payment in full to TAFE Queensland in Australian dollars.

Telegraphic Transfer

  • Select payment country and currency (due to banking regulations, not all currencies are available - if your home currency isn't offered, you can pay in another currency such as the United States dollar).
  • Enter payer details and print payment instructions.
  • Complete your payment by transferring funds to Western Union Business Solutions at your bank or using online banking.

Credit card

  • Enter card details, select currency and make a payment.

Benefits of paying by telegraphic transfer using GlobalPay for students

  • Simple online payment platform accessible 24/7.
  • TAFE Queensland will quickly recognise your payment and commence enrolment acceptance.
  • Pay in your home currency or an alternative currency of your choice. TAFE Queensland will receive your payment in full and in Australian Dollars. You will not have to pay additional outstanding amounts on arrival.
  • Save on processing costs because there are no telegraphic transfer charges from Western Union Business Solutions.
  • Save on bank service fees by only paying domestic transfer to local Western Union Business Solutions account.
  • Avoid credit card fees by paying locally using telegraphic transfer.

Other payment methods

Payment of the full amount should be made in Australian dollars via:

  • bank cheque
  • credit card (contact to make a payment)
  • deposit or telegraphic transfer to the bank account specified in your Offer.
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