Global Engagement / Industry Sectors

Information Technology

Networking and Systems Administration

Information technology moves fast and the future crop of IT professionals will need to keep up in this fast- paced environment. Ensure your organisation is at the forefront of the latest technology with our industry-based programs. Your employees will learn the latest in network design, multi-user systems, local area networks, switching and routing, server and virtualised systems and network security. Our industry-based teachers will also help graduates prepare for the Cisco certification exam that they'll be qualified to take after the completion of their studies.


Software Development

Shape the way we work, play and organise our lives both now and in the future by embarking on a cutting-edge career in software development. Learn how to create and test software programs as well as how to design and develop web-related products. The potential of the software sector is limitless and those with the right skills and expertise will enjoy a remarkable career path in years to come. Give your organisation the head start.


Website Development

Put your employees at the forefront of new technology and development with a qualification that will open up the world of website development. Learn to design, build, manage and administer websites using a range of website technologies. They will study topics such as website accessibility, web hosting services, mark-up languages, databases, digital visual effects, SEO, CMS, CSS and server tools.


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