Global Engagement / Industry Sectors


Aged Care (Individual Support)

Provide personal care and support within the aged community and to people living with dementia. Learn how to give emotional and psychological support, apply first aid, assist with self-medication and support people to maximise their independence and quality of life. This program is suitable for both people with no previous experience or those working in a related field. It is also ideal for people who want to formalise their existing community work skills or care for any individual who requires support in their home or community setting.


Community Service (Education Support)

This program will prepare your staff to work professionally in community organisations, traditional community church organisations, self-help organisations and statutory services. They will learn skills and strategies in counselling, communication, community development, legal and ethical frameworks and working with culturally diverse groups. Work experience is an integral part of the training. They will have the opportunity to provide service delivery through direct client work and/or health promotion and community development projects.


Dental Services

Help improve oral health and reduce risk of chronic disease by participating in practical and industry-focused training in our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art dental clinic. Your staff will learn how to prepare for and assist with oral health procedures and dental radiography, process reusable instruments and equipment and look after patient management and infection control procedures.


Enrolled Nursing

This course provides the theoretical and practical skills necessary to become an Enrolled Nurse in many health care environments. Graduates learn to administer and monitor medications (including intravenous medication), implement and evaluate a plan of nursing care, confirm physical health status, apply principles of wound management and understand the Australian health care system. They'll learn in a simulated clinical ward with state-of-the-art equipment then strengthen their skills putting everything they learn into practice with clinical placements in real nursing environments.


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