Global Engagement / Industry Sectors

Environment and Horticulture

Conservation and Land Management

This course will give your team the knowledge and practical skills in the development and facilitation of conservation and land management projects including planning, assessment and management. They'll explore current environmental issues and acquire an understanding of current environmental legislation. This course will prepare them for a variety of scenarios in the field of conservation and land management.



Give your staff the knowledge and skills to work in senior roles in the horticulture industry. Learn about plant health, budgets, contracts, analysing data and managing projects. Gain horticulture skills in plant care, landscape management, propagation, pruning and fertilising. Use these new skills to create, design or maintain beautiful tropical gardens, nurseries and forest parks, maintain sprawling lawns, or grow quality organic fruit and vegetables.


Rural Operations

Provide your employees with the skills needed to support your rural business. They could learn how to implement health and feeding programs, maintain property and structures such as fences and bores, and how to co-ordinate, supervise and participate in animal-specific duties like identification and drafting.


Agriculture and Agribusiness

These qualifications reflect the role of personnel working on farms and stations who manage enterprise production units and employees and sole operators of agribusinesses who provide crop production advice and services to production enterprises.


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