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Building and Construction

Building Design

Give your employees the technical skills to design and draw 2D and 3D buildings. Learn the full suite of building design skills from technical design to communication, including the principles of building construction, codes and regulations, design, drawing and sketching techniques, computer-generated building and modelling procedures, and interpreting client briefs.



Develop your employees by training them how to plan and organise work, read and interpret plans and specifications, construct wall, bulkheads and ceiling frames, install and replace windows and doors, construct pitched and advanced roofs, and eaves, perform levelling operations, cut and bend materials, frame and fit we area fixtures, and erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on the ground.



Your business will gain specialists skills in timber joinery and develop a broad understanding of the building and construction industry with this course. They will learn to manufacture joinery components, use computer-controlled machinery, manufacture components for door and window frames, install windows and doors, construct and assemble stairs, and apply and trim decorative finishes.



This course provides skills and knowledge to work with clay, concrete masonry and other types of building materials such as mortar on veneer and full brick constructions, partitions, arches and other structures. Additionally, students learn how to read plans and specifications, set out and lay bricks, check vertical and horizontal alignment, operate tools and equipment, fireplaces and ornamental brickwork, as well as related structures.


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