Global Engagement / Industry Sectors

Arts, Design and Entertainment

Graphic Design

Expand your organisation's creative talents through practical classes in all elements of graphic design. Learning in one of our cutting-edge Mac labs with the latest industry-standard Adobe software, your team will master techniques in colour design and theory, desktop publishing, web development, multimedia, photography, branding, marketing, client/project management, copyright and typography. They will also have access to our commercial-grade photography and illustration studios. During their studies they will work on a number of web design, video and branding projects that will furnish your business's professional digital and print portfolio.


Interactive Digital Media

This intensive course will give your team the creative and technical skills to design and create multimedia productions in the gaming and animation industry. Upskill your employees on how to produce animations and graphics, design and structure a website, manage projects and how to write and edit for multimedia. By the end of this course they'll have developed a specialist set of technical and managerial skills for work in the gaming, film, television, radio or digital media industries.


Interior Design and Decoration

Bring your organisation's ideas to life with our Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. In our modern design labs, your employees will develop skills in providing advice for designing innovative interiors, developing complete design schemes for the residential, commercial or retail interior spaces, working with a client brief and within project constraints. They will learn about the material selection, 3D modelling documentation, furnishings styles, colour, light and pattern in interior space, all whilst using the latest computer software.



This comprehensive photography qualification will give your staff a solid understanding of how to light and capture images to suit any style or situation and will enable you to work across a range of professional areas. They will learn basic photography fundamentals such as assessing correct and optimal exposures, simple and sophisticated lighting, digital image capture and manipulation and professional wet processing/hand printing using colour and black and white film. They will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the psychology of an image and its construction as well as elemental graphic design.


Sound and Production / Music

Gain the industry knowledge and skills your organisation needs to excel in the sound and production or music production industry. Learn studio recording techniques, commercial audio production using computer software, set up and operation of PA systems at events, stage lighting and cable care. Our experienced and qualified teachers are actively involved in the music industry and will help your team gain real-life experience to enhance their skills as a live performance or studio engineer, tour manager, or radio/TV audio technician.


Visual Arts

From fine arts to new media, our Diploma of Visual Arts will let your team express your creative side while providing them with the skills to work as a professional artist. The program covers core areas of visual culture and professional practice, plus electives in painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, digital media or ceramics. They will explore theory and art history, and will graduate with a well-rounded portfolio of work.


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