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Vicki Chi Wun Wong

Nationality - Hong Kong
Study area - Hospitality Management
Region - South Bank

I arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa and after being employed in a hospitality industry for a year I decided to pursue my studies in the same field. TAFE Queensland’s practical learning and vocational placement was very suitable for me. Once I had the knowledge to back me up it was easier to use it at my vocational placement.

Alexandre Guarneri

Nationality - Brazilian
Study area - Marine Craft Construction
Region - Gold Coast

My work placement has been the highlight of my experience in Australia. TAFE Queensland and their industry partner has given me a chance to be part of a great team.

Ami Hirose

Nationality - Japan
Study area - Business/Marketing & Communication
Region - South Bank

Since studying with local students in Marketing, I feel that my English has improved which has given me confidence to utilise the skills I have learnt for my future employment.

Emma Jeskanen

Nationality - Finnish
Study area - Cookery & Hospitality Management
Region - Townsville

At TAFE Queensland I am constantly learning something new that I know I'll be able to use later on in my career. The teachers are great, so supportive and full of industry experience.

Haritsaphak Chupong

Nationality - Thai
Study area - English Student - IELTS2
Region - South Bank

TAFE Queensland has helped me to improve my English language skills. Studying in Brisbane has also allowed me to spend some quality time with my family.

Jemaima Gaspar

Nationality - Filipino
Study area - Cookery & Hospitality Management
Region - Toowoomba

I really enjoyed being part of a friendly environment. Helpful teachers and staff also helped me with my studies, my overall journey at TAFE Queensland has been great.

Daeyeon Kim

Nationality - South Korean
Study area - Automotive Performance Enhancement
Region - Skills Tech Brisbane

TAFE Queensland was highly recommended to me by my friends. Practical learning and work placement has helped me to understand what’s expected once I complete my diploma.

Adonis Bongolan

Nationality - Filipino
Study area - Nursing
Region - South Bank

Teachers are accommodating and ready to help. By being positive and seeking advice from your teachers you will really enjoy your student life with TAFE Queensland.

Mohammad Altalibi

Nationality - Saudi Arabia
Study area - English Student - IELTS2
Region - South Bank

My goal is to successfully complete my IELTS test. I am sure that TAFE is helping me as well as its other students to gain all the necessary skills in order to successfully find future employment.

Mclenny Mutonga

Nationality - Kenya
Study area - Cookery & Hospitality Management
Region - North

After researching I found that TAFE Queensland was one of the best ranked Government institutions. Practical learning at TAFE is there to prepare us all for the real world.

Ana Salgado

Nationality - Timor Leste
Study area - Diploma of Dental Technology
Region - Brisbane

TAFE Queensland is the best place to study because it will help me obtain a high level education and work experience. It will make it easy for me when I go on to university, to feel confident and have such a strong grounding and understanding. I love the practical learning at TAFE. The teachers use very good teaching methods and are friendly and supportive. The best thing about living in Australia is that it's a multicultural country and has so much to offer, especially the natural beauty of the land.

Daniel Jeong

Nationality - Korean
Study area - Auto Mechanical
Region - SkillsTech

Since I was a kid I always liked cars. My favourite thing I've learnt is engines. Engines are like the hearts of cars; they are very complicated and precise. TAFE Queensland gives us the opportunity to do practical placement in a real workshop. As a student here, you get to do lots of really great things rather than just sitting inside reading books.

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Diego Rios

Nationality - Peruvian
Study area - Diploma of Business and Commerce
Region - Gold Coast

The teachers here are awesome. They've actually worked in the industries they teach, so they're willing to share with us all the knowledge they've gained through the years. I would recommend TAFE as a place where you can get a lot of skills and knowledge. I've learned so much here and I think it will definitely help me in the future.

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Effat Mahdavian Bazehhoor

Nationality - Iran
Study area - Skills for Education and Employment
Region - Brisbane

I chose TAFE because I can access a wide range of world-class training facilities and learning and support services. TAFE is the best place to further your education. You can gain advantage in the job market and also use your qualification as a pathway for further tertiary study. 

Joe Lam

Nationality - Singapore
Study area - Certificate III in Carpentry
Region - SkillsTech

I chose TAFE Queensland because it offered the carpentry course I wanted and I had heard a lot of good feedback from past students. My experience at TAFE Queensland has been a positive one. The teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I would recommend TAFE Queensland to other international students as I've received a high quality education here. 

Lisa Levi

Nationality - Papua New Guinean
Study area - Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-Division 2 Nursing)
Region - North

Life's good in Cairns. It's great hanging out on the campus with lots of people from all over the world. It's not hard to make friends here, once you say hello to people they open up to you and be friendly and want to hang out. There are lots of beaches and beautiful restaurants and cafes, I like to go out and have dinner or have barbeques on the beach and go swimming. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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Martha Velasquez

Nationality - Colombian
Study area - General English
Region - Brisbane

Before studying at TAFE Queensland I worked as an accountant in the financial sector of a multinational pharmaceutical company in Colombia. I decided to study English in Australia because it's a safe, modern, and progressive country. It offers quality education, international recognition, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I chose to study at TAFE Queensland because it's government owned and operated and gives me the opportunity to continue my professional training at a high standard. The teachers at TAFE Queensland have broad theoretical and practical knowledge of the English language. They make classes practical and applicable to everyday life. They are patient, organised and make learning enjoyable and entertaining. After finishing my English language studies I want to continue my professional training and obtain a masters in finance to add value to my resume and expand my opportunities for work.

Natalie Karlsson

Nationality - Swedish
Study area - Fitness
Region - East Coast

I've always been interested in fitness training and travelling. I spoke to a former TAFE Queensland student who loved her time here and I thought, "it's the place to be!" The campus is in a really good location. If you have a long break you can go down to the beach and have a surf and a swim. I love the people and the culture here. It's paradise and it feels like home.

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Wah Yudi

Nationality - Indonesian
Study area - Diploma of Hospitality
Region - Brisbane

I love the teachers at TAFE Queensland because they are full of experience. They are very passionate about their industry and very caring. Because English is my second language it makes a difference. You really get the support you need at TAFE Queensland as well as lots of flexibility. I would totally recommend TAFE Queensland to people from all over the globe because it is the best.

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Younes Gustafsson

Nationality - Swedish
Study area - Diploma of Travel and Tourism/Diploma of Events
Region - East Coast 

I decided to study in Australia because it is an English speaking country and the weather is exactly what I was hoping to get every day. Everyone I knew that had studied in Australia told me that it was the best experience they had in their life. With so many students on campus, every day you have the chance to meet international people, experience different cultures, see what they study, and find out why they've chosen to study in Australia. For me practice is the best way of learning. Reading something and learning it through a book is certainly great, but experiencing it is what makes you understand why you're actually doing it. I've worked at the Noosa Triathlon and the World Outrigger Championships and completed a cruise trip to Sydney with my Travel and Tourism class. These experiences are priceless. Since I started studying at TAFE Queensland my whole life has changed. I have got so much experience and learnt so much about the Tourism and Event industry and myself. I am very glad to have followed my heart and studied in Australia.

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