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Early childhood

Experienced trainers from the Child Care industry will share the latest trends and research in Early Childhood Education and Care. Participants will train in a simulated play group setting and have the opportunity to engage with Australian students also training to work in the industry.

This program is focused on sharing industry insights and expectations for workers in the Child Care industry such as Preschool Assistants.

Program content includes healthy food and drink provisions for children in childcare, how to engage with families and how to facilitate educational playgroups. This program is highly recommended for anyone seeking employment or further study in childcare or early schooling.

Participants are invited to present project work and share their experience with classmates and their trainers at graduation.

The demand for diploma-trained early childhood staff has risen strongly over the past decade, and the number of higher-level vacancies is expected to continue to increase with an estimated 25,000 new workers required in Australia by the end of 2018.


  • Technical English for the Child Care Industry
  • Industry visit to an Australian Child Care provider
  • learn how to create individual profiles and work with families to provide appropriate education and care
  • Students will receive training in Queensland’s best training facilities
  • Participate in play group settings
  • Personalised reference letter for your resume


If you are thinking of starting a business it is important to have the right skills set and training behind you. This Start-Up Entrepreneurship program will give participants the skills needed to make great business ideas become a reality, develop entrepreneurial skills and build business confidence with participants learning how to take business ideas from proof to concept.  


  • Create your personal branding
  • Learn about the process of planning, finance and marketing concepts
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial talent
  • Gain first-hand industry experience visiting the best Australian start-up accelerator and incubator hub
  • One-on-one instruction from an accomplished mentor
  • Gain international business insights
  • Gain tricks and techniques to improve creative thinking
  • Prepare yourself for the next opportunity by developing your elevator pitch
  • Personalised reference letter for your resume

Business English

Experienced trainers will share their industry expertise and provide an opportunity for participants to learn and train in a simulated group setting and engage with Australian students also training to work in the industry.

  • English for business – communication, strategies and skills
  • English for business – grammar and language development
  • Using social media for business promotions
  • Visit to a leading local business
  • Personalised reference letter
  • Workshop: Manage meetings in a professional manner
  • Workshop: Transition to leadership – developing essential leadership skills  
  • Project: Delivering an Effective Presentation

*Each program can be contextualised to meet your specific tour group needs.  Visits to particular venues and facilities can be accommodated if availability allows, your Study Tours guide will be able to assist you with this before your commencement.

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