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Student policies

TAFE Queensland is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its students.

To help with this, the Student Rules and Policies page has been provided to help you find information on your responsibilities as a student, along with our administrative processes, key timeframes, and useful forms or links that will help you in your time as a TAFE Queensland student.

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Student Rules

The Student Rules outline your responsibilities and apply whether you are on campus or undertaking a related activity off campus. If you break the Student Rules, disciplinary action may be taken against you.

Personal conduct and behaviour

  • Treat people with respect and fairness, and expect it from others; bullying and harassment of students or staff is not acceptable and will not be tolerated
  • Follow the classroom rules set out by your teacher, including being respectful to others
  • Unlawful activities, including possessing or using illegal drugs or carrying weapons, will be reported to the police
  • Treat all computers and equipment with care, and report any damage to computers and other equipment to your teacher.

Enrolment, attendance, and progress of study

  • Be sure to enrol and have fee arrangements in place before commencing study/classes
  • Speak to student services/customer services if you plan to withdraw or transfer your enrolment
  • Attend classes and placements regularly and on time
  • Speak to your teacher and student services/customer services if you are experiencing any difficulties in the progress of your study. Support is available to help you achieve your study and career goals.

Assessment, academic appeals, misconduct and misconduct appeals

  • Complete your assessments on time, and follow any instructions by your teachers; talk to your teacher if you are experiencing difficulties in meeting assessment timeframes
  • Follow all instructions for assessments and examinations. If you are disruptive you may be asked to leave an assessment or examination
  • If you are found to have broken academic or behavioural rules you may be subject to a misconduct process, which can result in suspension or exclusion
  • If you don't agree with an assessment grade or with a misconduct decision, you have the right to appeal using the academic and misconduct appeals processes.

Results and awards

  • You will be given your Results of Assessments electronically
  • If you lose your qualification or statement of attainment you can get a new one by speaking to student services/customer services (fees may apply).
  • Click here for more information on the TAFE Queensland Student Rules and Policies.

Class attendance

International students must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance during the semester. If you are late to class your attendance may be affected. If you're sick, inform TAFE Queensland as soon as possible. When you visit the doctor, ask for a medical certificate as proof of your illness as you may be required to provide one to TAFE Queensland.

Academic progression

TAFE Queensland monitors the course progress of international students. You must complete all class activities and assignments and pass all requirements of your course. If you are having trouble with your studies, talk to your teachers to arrange help. International students identified as being 'at risk' of not successfully completing their course will be supported by an intervention strategy. TAFE Queensland is required to report international students who have breached attendance/course progress requirements as required under section 19 of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act.

Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation of Enrolment

Deferrals, suspensions, and cancellation of TAFE course enrolment can only occur in very specific circumstances and these are explained in the International Student Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment Procedure.

Course Completion

International students must complete their course within the time specified in their Confirmation of Enrolment(CoE). TAFE Queensland will only extend the study duration of courses for international students through the issuing of a new CoE in limited circumstances.

Application for release letter

Under the National Code 2007 TAFE Queensland will not enrol a student wishing to transfer from another registered provider before the student has completed six months of their principal course of study, except in special circumstances. Students wishing to apply for release from TAFE Queensland before they have completed six months of their principal course must read theInternational Student Transfer Between Registered Providers Procedure. The Department of Home Affairs also provides important information about changing courses. 

Student Appeals

International students can appeal decisions they think are unfavourable and/or unreasonable; or where TAFE Queensland has advised intention to cancel the international students' enrolment as detailed in the International Student Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment Procedure.

Student Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Every international student signs a TAFE Queensland Acceptance of Offer outlining the terms and conditions of enrolments which includes the international student refund policy

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