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International Orientation

What happens at Orientation?

TAFE Queensland has a comprehensive International Orientation program to help you get familiar with your TAFE campus and settled into your new life living in Australia. 

International students have two orientations to attend:

  • International Orientation
  • Course Orientation

At your International Orientation you will be given information about your campus location, ID card, facilities and student support. 

Your Course Orientation is where you will receive information about your TAFE course, timetables, textbooks and facilities such as library services. You will receive an email with details of when and where your orientations will take place.

Attendance at both Orientation sessions is compulsory for all new students commencing their formal course with TAFE Queensland.

To view your International and Course Orientation details, simply select your region from the navigation on the right.

To get you started on your Orientation journey, check out our International Student Orientation Handbook. It's full of helpful tips and tricks and everything you need to know to get you through your first few weeks at TAFE Queensland.

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