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Working on a Student Visa

Working on a Student Visa

As an international student studying in Australia you may be eligible to work in Australia. Contact the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) to find out what your work rights are as there are different work conditions between visas. Look at your visa grant notice letter. If it says work limitation, this means you have permission to work while you study in Australia.

If you are permitted to work on your Student Visa, you can't start working before your TAFE course starts. Another important condition of your Student Visa is that you can only work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semester. During semester holidays, you may work as many hours as you like.

Some TAFE Queensland courses feature in-the-field work experience as part of your course. If vocational placement is required as part of your course, the placement hours are not counted towards the 40 hours per fortnight work allowance on a Student Visa.

For more information on the conditions of your Student Visa, contact Department of Home Affairs (Immigration).

Phone: 131 881


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