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With 263 days of sunshine a year

Queensland has a pleasant, sub-tropical climate of warm summers and mild winters. Winter months are June to August with average temperatures ranging between 9° C - 19° C. Most winter days are sunny, allowing you to enjoy Queensland's outdoor attractions year round. Summer months are December to February with typical temperatures between 21° C - 31° C. The climate becomes more humid in summer with hot days often followed by afternoon storms and balmy nights. The weather in on the Gold Coast, East Coast and in Brisbane reflects this typical Queensland climate.

The weather in our South West region is a couple of degrees cooler than the Queensland average with daily maximum temperatures averaging 28° C in summer and 17° C in winter. As Toowoomba is located 700 metres above sea level on the crest of the Great Diving Range there can also be slight frosts in winter.

Our North region also differs slightly with a more tropical climate featuring hot, humid summers and mild, dry winters. Typical daytime temperatures average between 23° C - 31° C in summer and from 11° C to 26° C in winter. The wet season runs between November to May with a relatively dry season from June to October.

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