Life in Australia / Staying safe in the great outdoors

Staying safe in the great outdoors

Staying safe in the great outdoors

Queensland has many beautiful places to explore. Below are some tips to consider when going into a national park or other remote area:

  • travel with other people
  • make sure someone knows where you are at all times
  • stay on the road or walking track
  • never dive into a river or lake, instead, enter the water gradually
  • don't touch or feed wild animals, even 'cute' animals may have claws they might use if they're startled.

Additional safety tips if you live or travel to North Queensland:

  • during certain times of the year, jellyfish (commonly called marine stingers) can be found at the beach. To avoid being stung, swim between the flags, swim in stinger nets, wear a stinger suit, or swim in the man-made lagoon.
  • in north Queensland, crocodiles can live in rivers, freshwater lagoons, swamps and other waterways up to hundreds of kilometres from the sea. Do not enter water where crocodiles may live and look out for crocodile signs around waterways in this area.
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