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Mobile phones

Mobile Phones

If you brought your mobile phone from your country to Australia, check with the Australian communications and media authority to see if it will work here. Mobile phones from some countries, such as Japan and the USA, use mobile phone networks that are not available in Australia.

 If you need to, you can buy your mobile phone in Australia. Many post-paid phone plans come with a 'free' handset (or small monthly handset repayments). These plans often give you more included calls for your money, however you are usually locked into a two-year contract that you will have to pay out even if you return home or lose or break your phone. Make sure you carefully consider the plan and your responsibilities before signing a contract. To compare mobile phone plans in Australia visit

Pre-Paid cards are a good way to keep your budget in line and many cards offer competitive international calling rates.

 Cards come in a range of prices and can be purchased at most news agencies, post offices and convenience stores.

Making phone calls 

To make international phone calls dial the international access code (0011)

+ the country code
+ the area code (if required)
+ the phone number.

 Note: when adding a country code to a number, any leading 0 (zero) on the area code following it is NOT dialled. To make domestic phone calls: dial the area code + the phone number.

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