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Finding work

Finding work in Australia

When looking for work to go along with your study in Australia, you will be asked to submit a resume. Resumes should include your personal details such as name and contact details and any jobs you've had, including work experience. You will also need to have at least two referees. If you haven't worked before, you can list volunteer agencies or ask a teacher if they can be your referee. There are many samples of resumes online if you're not sure how to create one.

Job vacancies are advertised in local newspapers, in store windows, and on job search websites such as

Recognising your skills 

If you have specialist qualifications from your home country (for example in engineering,construction, metalwork, electrical or catering) these may be recognised inAustralia. Having your qualifications recognised will allow you to work in these areas. To find out how to have your skills recognised, contact TradesRecognition Australia. 

Trades Recognition Australia

Phone: 1300 360 992



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