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Beach Safety

Beach Safety

Australians love the beach and you will too. However it can be a dangerous place if you're not a strong swimmer or are unfamiliar with the conditions at the beach. These simple tips will ensure you stay safe at the beach.
Remember the F-L-A-G-S

Find the flags and swim between them - the red and yellow flags mark the safest place to swim at the beach.

Look at the safety signs - they help you identify potential dangers and daily conditions at the beach.

Ask a surf lifesaver for some good advice - surf conditions can change quickly so talk to a surf lifesaver or lifeguard before entering the water.

Get a friend to swim with you - so you can look out for each other's safety and get help if needed. Children should always be supervised by an adult.

Stick your hand up for help - if you get into trouble in the water, stay calm and raise your arm to signal for help. Float with a current or rip - don't try and swim against it.

And remember to NEVER:

  • swim at unpatrolled beaches

  • swim at night

  • swim under the influence of alcohol

  • run and dive into the water

  • swim directly after a meal.

    For more safety tips, visit the Surf Life Saving Queensland website.

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