Building and Construction

Building and Construction

If you are interested in joining Australia's growing construction industry our Building and Construction study areas will help your career take off in a big way.

With our practical courses, you could be working on residential builds, new buildings, heritage work, additions or renovations or commercial and industrial projects like factories, motels, offices, restaurants, retail or service outlets and warehouses.

Our teachers are up to date in modern methods and technologies and our training spaces replicate both commercial and residential settings, giving students as close to a "real world" environment as possible. This, along with our strong relationships with industry, ensures that we produce the best tradespeople.

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Career Outcomes Include:

Trade Representative, Drafter, Architect, Designer, Planner and Surveyor, Building Designer, Architectural Technician, Architectural Draftsperson, Architectural, Building and Surveying Technician, Plan Checker, Model Maker, Planner, Carpenter, Joiner, Bricklayer and Blocklayer, Cabinetmaker, Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Interior Architecture, Colour Consultant, Interior Technician/Technical Support for Design, Interior Stylist

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